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About Us

Sourcing the finest stones from around the world

Develli was founded in 2020 as a spin off from its former company. Our roots date back 70+ years.

We are dedicated to sourcing the finest stones from around the world. Our current inventory consists of Marble, Granite and Onyx diversly found from only the best quarries. We vow to give our clients the best variety of selection while the service remains our imperative.


We have proven to be leading professionals in satisfying the clients' requirements.


The company is lead by the philosophy that no order is neither too small nor too big. With a uniform approach to each customer, it is our conduct which remains distinctive from our competitors.

Based in the heart of Essex, our 25,000 square foot yard in Epping

is incomparable to our measureless ambition of being leading stone suppliers in the UK.

Why Develli?

We are a family run business of over 3 generations. The director Fash Nejad is an aspirational stone expert with extensive experience. With passion remaining the forefront of his business, he hopes to transpire the same love of stone to anyone who interacts with his company.

Block experts

Block cutting requires intensified product knowledge from investigating the genetics of the material to knowing the most up to date innovation to cut them with. The vast depository of blocks are what enable them to be compatible with projects of any volume. They made their breakthrough by introducing the now widely known Pink Onyx slabs available to the UK decades ago. What was once laughed at has now served as a milestone for the industry by widening of perspectives for new materials.

Product Knowledge


Varying between Calcite or Dolomite, Marble is a metamorphic rock with a composition of mainly Carbonate Minerals. Patterns and veinage are consequences of impurities from Iron, Sand, Silt or Clay. It comprises some of my most contemporary and elegant finishes to any of its surfaces. Commonly used for feature effects, it has now become a prestigious choice for kitchen worktops. The word marble was derived from the Greek meaning ‘Shining Stone’, with all these many thousand years after, the legacy still shines on.


An igneous extraction traditional found around the Earth’s continental crust. Built up of mainly Quartz and Alkali Feldspar. High magma content can be discovered in its genetics justifying its high heat formations to make it one of the toughest stones to man. With one of the most highest compressive strengths, it has a melting tolerance of 1215-1260 Degrees making it a very good suiter for high pressured areas. Famous for its application as a worktop, it is versatile for any surface not to mention its unrivalled beauty of many forms.


Onyx made its first introductions to the market in the form of Jewellery during the Ancient Greek Era. Carving its way into history, it is only now they have established its translucent personality fit for construction purposes. Creating only the finest of finishes when installed, it is manipulative by illumination from behind to create an unforgettable project. Available in almost any colour, it will create a timeless piece for any lucky job. It serves at the peak of luxury stone industry.

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